How To Setup Webmail In Gmail

How to set up/Configure Webmail email to Gmail.

How To Setup Webmail In Gmail

Facing complications in using webmail email? Don’t worry you'll be able to use the Gmail interface to send and receive emails with the e-mail account you've got created together with your domain. you simply ought to set up your domain’s email address as a POP3 and SMTP account in your Gmail account. Gmail is often used as an Associate email client. this post can assist you in Setup your webmail in Gmail.

1. Login to your Gmail account.
2. Go to the highest right-hand corner, wherever the inbox starts, and click on the Settings icon. choose Settings from the Dropdown menu.

Email Settings

3. Click on the Account and Import tab.

Account & Import Tab

4. Click on the Add a mail account.

Add email account
5. A brand new window is displayed. Enter your email address here.

Enter your email ID
6. Click on the Next button.
7. choose the choice “Import emails from my different account (POP3)”.

Import Email
8. Enter your complete email address within the Username.
9. Also, enter the password for your email account.

Complete username
10. Enter the POP Server. this can differentiate reckoning on if you decide on to use the continuously use a secure affiliation (SSL) choice.
• while not SSL: this means your name preceded by “mail.”
• With SSL: this means your server’s hostname. make certain the port is modified to 995. you'll be able to move to cPanel if you don’t understand your server’s hostname. move to the Stats section on the correct hand aspect. Click the expand stats link if it's present. you'll see the hostname within the list of stats.
11. choose any extra choices that you just need to.
12. Click the Add Account button.

Outgoing Mail (SMTP)

1. choose the Option ” affirmative, "Yes, I want to be able to send mail as (”.

Choose outgoing option
2. Select if you would like to use this address as Alias.

Select alias
3. Click on the Add account button.
4. Select to send “Send through SMTP server”.
5. Enter the SMTP Server.
• while not SSLthis means your Domain name preceded by “mail.”
With SSLthis means your server’s hostname. Go to your cPanel, if you don’t understand your server’s hostname. move to the Stats section on the right-hand aspect. Click the expand stats link if it's Present. you'll see the hostname within the list of stats.
6. In the Username section enter your complete email address.
7. Enter Password for your email account.
8. choose Port twenty-five (Non-SSL) or 465 (SSL).

Smtp Server details

9. Select any extra option that you just want to.
10. Click the Add Account button. Now, you'll receive a verification code from Gmail to your email address you simply other. Either click on the link within the email or copy/paste the code into the text box and click on Verify.
After this, you'll see your domain’s email address within the Send mail as and also the Check mail from different accounts sections.

Congratulations! you've got currently organized your webmail in Gmail.