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Your domain name should stay clear of hyphens, numerical characters, & multiple spellings. These elements make your site difficult to remember. A web address for your online store or online business should include your brand name or keywords relevant to your profession.

  • Note: Domain prices are dynamic, so they may increase or decrease as compared to the above pricing.

Cheap Domain Registration FAQ's

In today's digital world, registering a domain name is the first step to making a successful online presence. However, registering a domain name can be expensive, especially for new companies and individuals. Therefore, it’s important to select a cheap domain registration alternative. It will provide valuable information about cheap domain registration, whether you want to start a new website or change the name of one you already have.

A domain name is an easy-to-remember address that helps people find your website on the internet. For example, is our website domain name. You simply type the name and find the website you are looking for. Obtaining a domain name at a low cost is also referred to as "cheap domain registration." You can purchase a unique web address, such as, for a reasonable amount, usually for a year. In fact, a domain registrar, a corporation specializing in selling and managing domain names, is usually in charge of the procedure. The goal of cheap domain registration is to make it more affordable for individuals and organizations to have their web presence.
A subdomain is a part of your main domain name. For example, our website name is; the subdomain is domain opened under the main domain name. Besides, sometimes it helps the main domain to stand out.

Your business domain name is the web address for your business website; Having a business domain is essential to building an internet presence for your business; maintaining a social media presence does give your business legitimacy. The more customers search for your business on the internet, the easier it is to find you. Your business website can be easily found by the search engines when your exact name is searched. A domain name is a business domain name that represents your business, as well, Think about the fact that our domain name is different from our business, Won't it be difficult to find our website, This is why a business domain name helps to establish trust among people, you can count on us if you need cheap domain registration.

Choosing a domain name that is not already registered will allow you to buy the business name of the domain, but finding the domain first and then choosing the business name is better. The domain represents your website. Therefore, to build authority, you need a domain name that represents your business well. Also, your customers will easily recognize your website when they search for your business. Onohosting provides the best secure domain registration system for our customers, so you can count on us when you need cheap registration in India. We cater to both small and large companies, so you can count on us for your domain registration needs.

No, We don't provide domains containing special characters like ß or . A domain name consists of 63 characters, so any domain name may contain letters, numbers, or fada characters, however we cannot register domain names containing these characters.

A hyphen, a number, or even your business name can be used in the domain name, and you may even be able to use the extra number to make the domain name unique if you fail to get a domain name that is directly related to your business. For example, our company name is Onohosting. If we didn't get the exact domain name, we could have used ONo domain 99. com, which can be an effective way to use your business name as your domain name. Buy cheap domain 99 from us and build a strong internet presence for your business.

Keeping private information secure requires the use of a privacy protection service for your domain. To ensure your privacy, you must choose a domain registration company that protects your personal information. Onohosting India offers a fully secure, safe, and reliable web hosting service. Furthermore, we will never share your information with third parties, and we do not offer premium domain names.

When you register a domain name, your information is published on the whois website. Web development companies, web designers, and whois data providers often use this information to send marketing emails. This is why you need to protect your information from spammers. Onohosting will never share or sell a customer's personal information with anyone or any whois websites, which will help keep your data safe and secure. No one will ever find your personal information when you purchase or register a domain name using our company. A best cheap domain register we do care most about our client's privacy.

You must renew your domain name once a year. When you buy a domain for business, we will remind you before the domain name expires. You should renew your domain name before it's too late because it can significantly affect your business. Besides, you should remember the expiration date of your domain. Your domain should be renewed before the expiration date.

You shouldn't use more than 3-8 words in your domain name. The goal is to make it easy to remember for the people. Your customer may have trouble remembering or spelling words or names that are complex or uncommon. This is why you should use a domain name that is short and easy to remember. The answer is yes; your domain name can affect your SEO. However, it is essential to note that many other factors are involved in SEO ranking. In addition to having high-quality content, your website name should be short and easy. You should not use hyphens or numbers and use relevant words.
Although .com is one of the most well-known and widely used domain extensions, there may be better SEO options. For SEO, other elements, like the quality and content of your website, are equally important.

Yes it is very very important, you should use your pertinent personal information to register your domain so that you can solve any issues when necessary. Besides, it will help the hosting company find you and easily provide necessary notification when needed. You can use our cheap domain registration in India to buy a suitable domain for your company. We keep all your information secure and private. Besides, we ensure that no spammers or web development company do not get the information.

You can find out if a domain name is available by using a domain name search tool as the one most domain registrars offer. Simply enter the desired domain name into the search engine and select the desired extension (e.g., ".com," ".net," ".org," etc.) to check its availability. Then, the tool will determine whether the domain name is open for registration. In the same way, you can go ahead and register the domain name if it is. Suppose the desired domain name is already registered. If that's the case, you can look for other suggestions or buy it from the owner.
Yes, you can use a domain name search tool to see if a domain name is already taken. In addition, if someone already registered that domain name, the search results will tell you who registered it and when it was last changed.

There are many reasons why you might want to register more than one extension for your domain name.

Defending your brand:
By registering multiple extensions, you can stop people from registering domain names that are the same as yours, which could be against your trademark. Giving you options:
If version of the domain name you want is already registered, registering other extensions may provide you with additional options. Making it easier to find:
As users may try several extensions when looking for your brand, registering multiple extensions might boost the likelihood that they will find your website.

Nevertheless, registering numerous extensions has certain drawbacks as well, including:
Increased costs: The cost of registering several extensions might increase, making it unaffordable for some. If you're just starting, it might be best to focus on getting a single, easy-to-remember domain name that really describes your brand.
Confusion: Multiple extensions can confuse users and make it more difficult for them to remember your website address.

Moreover, your particular requirements and budget restrictions will ultimately determine whether you register numerous extensions for your domain name. If it makes sense for your needs as your firm expands, you may consider registering additional extensions.

A domain name can have up to 63 characters, with one character serving as the minimum. It's advised to keep your domain name as brief and memorable as possible.

If you follow the right steps, you can transfer your domain name to a different registrar.

1. Release the domain from the existing registrar's lock.
2. Second, request the authorization code from your current registrant.
3. Begin the transfer process with the new registrar (Onohosting).
4. Update your contact details with the new registrar and approve the transfer too.
5. Lastly, waiting for the completion of the transfer, which could take 7–10 days.

Not all domain extensions are transferable, and others have unique transfer requirements. Before you move, check with your current and new registrars to see if your domain extension is moveable.

Their fee structures and regulations will check our ability to register several domain names with a specific registrar, like Onohosting. Besides, some registrars may offer unlimited domain registrations, while others may have restrictions depending on your account type or the pricing plan you choose. In addition, the easiest way to find out how many domain names you can register with Onohosting is to review their unique regulations and pricing options. Remember that certain registrars could also limit the number of domain names you can register within a given time frame.

It's important to consider factors like availability, recall ability, and relevancy to your organization when selecting a domain name. Next, you need to choose a domain name that accurately represents your business and is easy for users to remember and get to.

To find out who registered a certain domain name, utilize a WHOIS lookup tool. Simply type the domain name into the search bar. Furthermore, this tool will provide details about the registrar and the domain owner's contact information.

You can set up email hosting by using domain with the help of third-party email service provider or by buying business email services from onohosting. And use your unique domain name for your email. As a result, you'll be able to use a personalized email address, too, that includes your domain name, such as